Studio Max Senden


Selection of portfolio projects

Trashure (poster)

The 'Trashure' poster was designed for, and featured at, the Graphic Matters 2017 festival.
One man's trash is another man's treasure. It might even win him an election.
'Trashure' is a winning poster design for Graphic Matters 2017 (i.e. the Dutch Graphic Design Festival). It will be shown from the 22th of September until the 22th of October 2017 in the public space of Breda, the Netherlands. In August 2017 the Volkskrant (a leading Dutch newspaper) wrote an article about the competition and the winners.

Tough but Sweet (emoji)

Feeding the baby in style
What happens when you crossbreed action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Clint Eastwood with your average family man? That would be 'Tough but Sweet', an emoji set made for the modern Chinese man.

Dutch Shamanism (book)

Spread from the Dutch Shamanism book.
Dutch Shamanism is a collection of drawings which I made for my trip to Chile. By giving something to the friends I would make along the way I didn't only want to say ‘thank you’, but also give them an insight into a far away land and the mind of a designer who doesn't quite fit in over there.

Mix & Yuyu (emoji)

emoji showing Mix riding Yuyu like an airplane
'Mix & Yuyu' is a collection of WeChat emoji stickers. The series is inspired by moments (taken out of context) from the daily life of Max, his girlfriend Ruoyu and their two cats Luna and Longhupee.

Get Lost (poster)

Photo showing the 'Get Lost' poster at the Graphic Design Festival Breda in 2014.
In our digital age we navigate unfamiliar places by staring down at a screen instead of using our eyes, minds and hearts. What are we so afraid of? Is it the thought of being lost, or having to interact with the unknown?